Favorite Finds

Today I’m going to share with you all some of my favorite finds that I have in my home. My home is very sparse – I’ve had a dining table with no chairs for 5 months, and I have about 4 pictures hanging on the walls. The reason is because I don’t like to buy things for the sake of filling space. I would rather find things that I truly love and save up to purchase them. I could easily go find some cheap dining chairs so that I could finally start hosting dinner parties, but chances are they would just be place holders and wouldn’t truly make me happy. Then when I do find some that make me happy, I would not be able to talk myself into spending the money, because I already have chairs that function just fine.

All of that being said, I truly do love most of the things in my home (there are a few hand-me-downs that are exceptions to this rule). Therefore, it was difficult to select only a few items to share with you, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 items. Take a look!

1. Magnetic Bottle Opener


Every Christmas my boyfriend and I fill stockings for one another. This past Christmas, I used this bottle opener as one of his stocking stuffers. Why is this one of my favorite finds? For one thing, I found it last minute when I wasn’t even looking for it, but I think it was his favorite gift. I was in Walgreen’s a few days before Christmas to pick up some candy for his stocking and decided to peruse their “knick knack” aisle (as I like to call it). There was this bottle opener. Not only is it a magnet itself (I keep it on the side of my fridge), but it also catches your bottle caps with a magnet. It’s kind of fun to watch your cap fall and then get sucked back in by the magnet. Plus, it becomes a game once there are several caps on the magnet already – is it strong enough to catch this one? On average we’ve found that it holds about 30.

Walgreens – Crafted Imports – Magnetic Bottle Opener – $20 (ish…I think)
From my quick Google research, it seems that this exact product is no longer available, but here is a similar product for a similar price. You can also find these on Etsy, Amazon, and many other sites!

2. Side Table


I love this little side table. It is an antique brass pedestal with an antique mirror top. The best part? I found it at a consignment shop for only $40! While I truly think you could mix this piece with a variety of styles, it is the perfect piece for my moderately traditional taste. Plus, it is an adorable accent between my pair of navy and white swivel gliders.

No product info for the table (sorry).
Chair: Ballard Designs – Larkin Swivel Glider in Vintage Ticking Stripe Navy – Starting at $899

3. Coffee Mug


I think this one is self explanatory. How could you not love it? I am both a Friends fanatic and a coffee lover. When I stumbled upon this gem I just couldn’t say no.

Francesca’s – Central Perk Mug – $14

4. Blue and White Accents


I am a firm believer that blue and white pieces go with everything. They are the perfect accent in any room. My grandparents downsized last year, and my grandma pawned off anything that she could to other family members. I claimed all of her blue and white for myself. I now have blue and white bowls, tea sets, plates, and jars dispersed all throughout my home. These three pieces of a tea set I keep on my guest bathroom counter. Not only are they beautiful on their own, but they make for unique Q-tip and cotton ball storage. When I have company coming I also cut a few fern fronds to spruce the group up a little more.

Sorry, no product info on these exact pieces either. However, I can tell you that this pattern is called Willow, and it is still in production. New pieces can be found where fine china is sold, and I frequently find old pieces in antique shops.

5. Candle


I have only recently become a candle user, but now I love the way they make my home smell, and they make for beautiful accessories. I found this one by The Refinery in an adorable local book store in Thomasville, GA (check it out here). In addition to smelling great and looking beautiful on my coffee table, this candle is so many other things! It is a soy candle, which means that it burns cleaner and cooler, and it is made from regional and recycled resources. It is handmade by the residents of Still Waters women’s home in Bainbridge, GA, and all proceeds of The Refinery go to the home. To read more about their mission and to find out where you can purchase their products, visit The Refinery here. Who knew that so much good could come from one candle?

These can be purchased online or at many retailers across the south, but here is the information from where I purchased it:
The Bookshelf (Thomasville, GA) – The Refinery Long Walk Home candle – $24

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